Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Is This Little Girl?

 Could this be my little Lydia?  She sure looks different!  As promised, here are the after pictures of her haircut.

This is Grace "helping" her smile.

I guess this is Lydia "helping" herself smile!

I am pretty happy with the haircut, considering what we had to work with!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lydia Cut Her Hair...Again

Here's Brooke with Lydia on Thanksgiving Day...before Lydia decided to cut her hair.

Here is the after picture with all her curls washed out.

This is how long the back had finally grown.  I will post a picture of how short they have to cut it after I find someone with an opening.  Getting in for a haircut around here is almost impossible.

Little Funnies

I just overheard Emily asking Sophia if she was ready to practice her guitar to which Sophia responded "I was born ready."  I don't even know where she gets some of this stuff.

I was drying my hair this morning when Allison came running in all excited.  "Sophia said she would give me TWO monies if I empty her garbage for her!"  I thought, wow, Sophia is way to smart for her age, she is probably going to give her a couple pennies and get our of her chore.  But when Allison finished emptying Sophia's garbage, she came in and showed me that Sophia had given her a dollar bill, one quarter, and one penny.  That's a pretty good wage for a 2 minute job!