Friday, February 10, 2012

Allison's 5th Birthday

I realize that this is long overdue since Allison's birthday was back on December 25th, but I am going to try and go back and put up some pictures that I have missed since I had quit blogging for so long.  

 Here she is standing in front of her bedroom door that we always decorate with streamers.

 Brooke made her birthday cake, although it is actually homemade frosted chocolate syrup brownies.  A favorite around this house!

 Blow out the candles!

 She was really excited about her new Cinderella doll.

 But she was really surprised about her new Elephant and Piggie book that come with Elephant and Piggie stuffed animals!

I think she had a really nice birthday this year.  As she is getting older and able to stay up later it is more fun for her to get to open even more presents on Christmas night.  When she was younger she could hardly stay awake and was usually tired of opening gifts by evening.  Now she thinks it is great that she gets even more presents than everyone else!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tea Party

Grace made mini loaves of banana bread today and we decided to let the little girls have a tea party.  Grace got things set up for them at the table.

Emily helped the girls get dressed up for the party.

Grace served up the tea which was actually apple juice.

Here is Lydia enjoying her tea.

Sophia is very lady-like with her pinky finger pointed out.

Allison just wanted to show off the bear on the teacup.

Just Thoughtful

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