Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Like Dad

I know this is a lot of pictures, but they were all so cute I couldn't pick just a couple!  He looks EXACTLY like his daddy in his camo!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

This is a picture of my in-laws house with an oil rig up on the hill behind it.  I just thought these were neat pictures.  Since I found out my brother-in-law reads my blog, I thought I would post these so he could see what is going on "back home".  Hope you like the pictures!

Dancin' With Friends

We had some really great friends over to our house one afternoon this last week.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  I got to spend the day on the couch, with Levi of course, relaxing and visiting with my friend.  Emily and Grace got to spend the day hiking, playing music, and playing Just Dance on the Wii with their friends.  We all had such a great time.  I just had to share these pictures of the kids playing Just Dance.  They were getting really good at it and it was so fun to watch!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

While Mom's away...

...the children will play...or torture each other?  It's funny because I should know by now to expect some sort of crazy pictures on my camera card after I've been gone for an afternoon.  This is what I found this time.  Apparently it is a mustache.  Well, at least she doesn't looked like she is feeling tortured!

Fussy Boy

Our day started out good, but by late afternoon, Levi was getting to be quite a fussy little boy.  So many times today Emily spent time rocking him to sleep and just letting him sleep in her lap so I could get some work done.  But when he woke up in the evening from his nap I thought he felt a little warm again.  I took his temperature and sure enough he was 102.5 again.  Poor little guy.  He wouldn't even eat his cereal tonight and the boy loves his cereal.  So I gave him some Advil and Emily and Grace took turns rocking him tonight so I could finish up Sophia's school.  I'm a little frustrated now though because I have no idea if this is a teething thing, a virus (as the Dr. says), or from his shots yesterday.  Well, whatever it is, I hope it goes away quickly.  I need my happy boy back!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Hard To Say Goodbye

Josh's grandma passed away today.  I really wasn't expecting that when Josh's mom called and told me.  I mean she was living in the home and more than ready to go.  But somehow I guess I just expected it to go differently.  Like a phone call saying she was in the hospital and not doing well, or that she was doing worse on a daily basis.  But to suddenly get a call saying she was gone was very unexpected.  I am so happy for her, there is nothing she wanted more than to go and be with her Father God.  Oh and what a way to go.  I imagine she must have fallen asleep and just gone peacefully.  At least as of now that is the idea I have.  If we could all be so lucky.  No pain, so suffering.  But still, it is sad for the rest of us still left here on this sinful earth.  I cried tonight as Emily played "Better Than a Hallelujah" on her guitar.  But we also giggled tonight.  Emily, Grace, and I remembered last spring when we visited her and we were out in the dining area having cake for some other lady's birthday.  Well, the room cleared and as we were getting ready to leave, Grandma Betty decided that we would sing Happy Birthday to this lady.  Now mind you, she didn't ask us to sing, she told us we were going to sing.  I cannot for the life of me sing and the girls would rather of died right then and there than sing to this lady who we didn't even know.  Oh she told us she would sing with us.  But she didn't and there we were pathetically singing.  I was looking to the girls to lead this, at least they can carry a tune.  But they were looking to me to lead them, ugh!  We managed to get through the song, I'm sure the poor lady just wished we wouldn't have!  But oh what a fun memory.  Then we laughed about how when the girls went to see her and she kept telling them how skinny they were and did they eat?  Then Emily shared how when her and Grace and Linda went to visit her they played yahtzee.  Grandma Betty commented that it had been FOREVER since she had played.  Then Linda corrected her that she had just played the day before!  The girls really got a kick out of that one.  But they also have memories of earlier years when she was still at home.  Emily and Grace used to go over and read to Betty.  It really helped me out to have someone they could read aloud to.  Emily remembered reading "the" and being corrected that it was "thee".  Grace remembered reading a word wrong once and having to look it up in the dictionary!!  Oh I love it, you better believe that woman was old school!!  Grace also fessed up to sneaking nuts in the kitchen while Emily was taking her turn reading.  But the best part to them was sitting with Grandma Betty and having a snack after they were done reading.  Usually it was ice cream, but Em blames her Nutty Bar addiction on those days at Grandma's!  Well, these are just a few memories that came up tonight.  I am sure there will be many more in the coming days.  And many more tears, too.  

Rest in peace, Grandma Betty.  You will be missed. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Missing...Part 2

I was going to title this something to the effect of "a night out" or something.  But since I already did a what's missing post and came to do this one and noticed something missing in this picture, too, I figured I better use this title.  Do you know what's missing?  Well, I'll tell you that I took this picture of Grace on Sunday because I thought she looked so pretty.  She was getting ready to go out for her "Birthday" supper with her grandparents.  I knew she looked different in the picture but I couldn't figure out until just now that she isn't wearing her glasses.  I guess she chose not to wear them because she thought she looked better without them.  Personally, I miss the glasses, but I think she is a pretty young lady either way!

Love you, Gracie!

What's Missing?

Can you see what's missing?  Allison finally lost her first tooth.  That bugger was hanging in there for a long time!  She is very excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight and I was given strict orders to leave the door unlocked!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Nature Walk With Friends

My friend Brandy came over this afternoon while I was napping and took the girls out for a nature walk with her and her two kids.  They had so much fun!  It was a perfect day and possibly the last warm day until next spring.  I'm glad the girls got to go out and do something fun with friends.  Thanks Brandy!!

Teething Baby Boy

Levi has been teething for a little while now.  Well, last night he slept for TEN hours!  Yes, my little boy that on a good night might sleep for three strange was that!?  Well, I was wondering what was going on that made him sleep so long.  It didn't take long into the day to figure it out.  When he woke up from his morning nap, he had a fever of 102.5.  So, it was kind of a long day with him not feeling well.  But we got through it.  I do think it is from his teeth and not a virus or anything.  He's been wearing his amber teething necklace, but I am seriously doubting the effectiveness of it!  The picture below is one of the rare moments today when he was feeling good.  I just love his smile!  Such a handsome little guy!

Another new thing he just started today is laying with his knees up.  It is so cute and he is discovering his feet.  He is just growing up way too fast!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Levi - 4 Months

All day today I kept thinking that I needed to get some good pictures of Levi since he is four months today.  But the day flew by and it just never got done.  So in desperation, when he woke up a little bit ago for a feeding, I decided to give it a try.  Well, you can see how excited he was about it!  

So let me think of what I can tell you about him at four months.  He is teething big time!  He drools and almost constantly has a finger or thumb in his mouth, or anything he can get a hold of.  His nursing days may be limited, but he is still nursing.  He is the first of mine to take a bottle with formula with no problem though. He is eating oatmeal mixed with juice every evening and loves it.  Also the first of my babies to eat this early. That last time I weighed him he was about 14 lbs., but I really should have weighed him today to be more accurate.  He is just moving up to size three diapers.  They are a little bit big around the legs, but if he doesn't wear them he wets MY bed at night.  He is getting a little bit fussier lately, but generally speaking, he is a very easy, happy baby.  By far much more content than the girls were.  I pay for it at night though.  The last couple nights he has been sleeping for three hours a couple of times.  But for the weeks before this, he was awake nursing every hour and a half.  Not very good for this mommy!  His size 6 month sleepers are getting too short for him so I have moved him up to size 9 months.  Outfits he is in size 6-9 months.  Oh and he talks!  He just loves to talk, especially to his sisters.  It is so adorable when he gets going!  Well, that is all I can think of for now. Since he is sleeping, I had better go to bed myself!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I just love these pictures of Levi.  In the bottom one he is holding his "Levi" blanket.  It is just a little snuggly blanket that I bought at a store in Fargo and had "Levi" embroidered on it.  He just loves to cuddle it when he is going to sleep and while sleeping.  I am now wishing I had bought two of them because I don't know how I will ever get it washed!  He kind of reminds me of Emily when she was a baby.  She always fell asleep with her blanket over her face.  I ended up always giving her a crocheted one so she could breath through it. I was so worried she would suffocate herself.  At least Levi seems to keep from covering his whole face!

The Foot Game

This afternoon Lydia said she was playing the "foot game" with funny!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ready To Hunt

Josh thinks Levi is ready to head out to the badlands for some serious hunting!

A Moment In Homeschooling

I just have to share what I woke up to this morning!  This is what I love about homeschooling.  When I woke up this morning (yes, I sleep in thanks to Levi), I came down the hall and looked in on Em and Grace, only to find them working away on their school in their bedroom with Levi sitting with them in his bumbo.  He was talking away to them and they were just talking back with him and working on their school.  It's moments like this that make it all worthwhile. :)

Oh, and there's more.  This is another great thing about homeschooling...having Brooke around.  She is just in love with her little brother.  I am so happy that she decided to homeschool this year.  It is her last year at home and it's so great that she can spend this time really enjoying her baby brother, and of course the rest of us, right??