Thursday, October 18, 2012

Levi - 4 Months

All day today I kept thinking that I needed to get some good pictures of Levi since he is four months today.  But the day flew by and it just never got done.  So in desperation, when he woke up a little bit ago for a feeding, I decided to give it a try.  Well, you can see how excited he was about it!  

So let me think of what I can tell you about him at four months.  He is teething big time!  He drools and almost constantly has a finger or thumb in his mouth, or anything he can get a hold of.  His nursing days may be limited, but he is still nursing.  He is the first of mine to take a bottle with formula with no problem though. He is eating oatmeal mixed with juice every evening and loves it.  Also the first of my babies to eat this early. That last time I weighed him he was about 14 lbs., but I really should have weighed him today to be more accurate.  He is just moving up to size three diapers.  They are a little bit big around the legs, but if he doesn't wear them he wets MY bed at night.  He is getting a little bit fussier lately, but generally speaking, he is a very easy, happy baby.  By far much more content than the girls were.  I pay for it at night though.  The last couple nights he has been sleeping for three hours a couple of times.  But for the weeks before this, he was awake nursing every hour and a half.  Not very good for this mommy!  His size 6 month sleepers are getting too short for him so I have moved him up to size 9 months.  Outfits he is in size 6-9 months.  Oh and he talks!  He just loves to talk, especially to his sisters.  It is so adorable when he gets going!  Well, that is all I can think of for now. Since he is sleeping, I had better go to bed myself!



  1. Oh he is so adorable. Wish I could see him. Thanks so much for the pictures. Still looks so much like his Daddy. Get our pods today. Yeah.