Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Hard To Say Goodbye

Josh's grandma passed away today.  I really wasn't expecting that when Josh's mom called and told me.  I mean she was living in the home and more than ready to go.  But somehow I guess I just expected it to go differently.  Like a phone call saying she was in the hospital and not doing well, or that she was doing worse on a daily basis.  But to suddenly get a call saying she was gone was very unexpected.  I am so happy for her, there is nothing she wanted more than to go and be with her Father God.  Oh and what a way to go.  I imagine she must have fallen asleep and just gone peacefully.  At least as of now that is the idea I have.  If we could all be so lucky.  No pain, so suffering.  But still, it is sad for the rest of us still left here on this sinful earth.  I cried tonight as Emily played "Better Than a Hallelujah" on her guitar.  But we also giggled tonight.  Emily, Grace, and I remembered last spring when we visited her and we were out in the dining area having cake for some other lady's birthday.  Well, the room cleared and as we were getting ready to leave, Grandma Betty decided that we would sing Happy Birthday to this lady.  Now mind you, she didn't ask us to sing, she told us we were going to sing.  I cannot for the life of me sing and the girls would rather of died right then and there than sing to this lady who we didn't even know.  Oh she told us she would sing with us.  But she didn't and there we were pathetically singing.  I was looking to the girls to lead this, at least they can carry a tune.  But they were looking to me to lead them, ugh!  We managed to get through the song, I'm sure the poor lady just wished we wouldn't have!  But oh what a fun memory.  Then we laughed about how when the girls went to see her and she kept telling them how skinny they were and did they eat?  Then Emily shared how when her and Grace and Linda went to visit her they played yahtzee.  Grandma Betty commented that it had been FOREVER since she had played.  Then Linda corrected her that she had just played the day before!  The girls really got a kick out of that one.  But they also have memories of earlier years when she was still at home.  Emily and Grace used to go over and read to Betty.  It really helped me out to have someone they could read aloud to.  Emily remembered reading "the" and being corrected that it was "thee".  Grace remembered reading a word wrong once and having to look it up in the dictionary!!  Oh I love it, you better believe that woman was old school!!  Grace also fessed up to sneaking nuts in the kitchen while Emily was taking her turn reading.  But the best part to them was sitting with Grandma Betty and having a snack after they were done reading.  Usually it was ice cream, but Em blames her Nutty Bar addiction on those days at Grandma's!  Well, these are just a few memories that came up tonight.  I am sure there will be many more in the coming days.  And many more tears, too.  

Rest in peace, Grandma Betty.  You will be missed. 

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  1. So hard to let go, but think of how happy she is where she wants to be. Thankfully, you all have memories and pictures to hold dear to your heart. But still we need to grieve. Betty would say rejoice that she is with her heavenly Father! Love you all and miss you all.