Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Missing...Part 2

I was going to title this something to the effect of "a night out" or something.  But since I already did a what's missing post and came to do this one and noticed something missing in this picture, too, I figured I better use this title.  Do you know what's missing?  Well, I'll tell you that I took this picture of Grace on Sunday because I thought she looked so pretty.  She was getting ready to go out for her "Birthday" supper with her grandparents.  I knew she looked different in the picture but I couldn't figure out until just now that she isn't wearing her glasses.  I guess she chose not to wear them because she thought she looked better without them.  Personally, I miss the glasses, but I think she is a pretty young lady either way!

Love you, Gracie!

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