Monday, December 3, 2012

Emily' 14th Birthday

I can't believe my Emily turned fourteen!  Next year she will be in high school.  Time is going so fast.  Her birthday probably wasn't one of her best since Lydia was sick in the morning and changed our going out for birthday lunch plans.  But I do think that the Heath Cake made up for it!  It was really yummy!  That night she, Grace, and two other girls from our church went out to UMM Bible Camp for a Beautiful Unique Girl Retreat.  It was a one night slumber party.  They had a really great time so I think that was a great way to spend her birthday evening.  I hope she thinks so, too.  We were able to take her and everyone out to the cafe for her birthday lunch after church on Sunday.  Then she went out for supper with Grandpa Carroll and Grandma Linda and stayed the night at their place.  I think all in all she did have a nice birthday complete with some nice gifts from her family!

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