Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Supper Time

The other night I thought Josh was in the kitchen feeding Levi, but when I went out there, look who was feeding him!  Now I wouldn't have even let Sophia feed Levi, much less Lydia!  But Lydia was doing a great job.  So now Sophia and Allison have both had their turns feeding their little brother.  They have all done well.  It's a little (a lot) bit messy, but it is worth it to see them being so careful and patient feeding him.  They are such great big sisters and learning so much about being a mom!


  1. That's awsome they all have such great patience! Very Merry Christmas wishes to all of you. Wish we were able to see you all then!

  2. By the way.... this is Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Brooke.... just remembered my gmail account!

  3. Ha, I was wondering reading the first post who it was! Glad you specified, but guessed it was you.

    Really wishing you guys could be here for Christmas, but many many thoughts to you both for things going on there! Love you guys!