Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Productive Day!

Oh how I love ending a day knowing I kicked some butt!  Yeah, that's right, I kicked butt today!  It has been so long since I've had a day where I have felt like I got a lot done.  It sure feels great!  Well, as long as I don't think about how much more I need to get done!  

I started out by getting up at 8:00 which is a major accomplishment in itself.  Levi only got up to eat twice last night at like 1:00 and 6:30 and then up for the morning at 8:00.  It feels so good to get more sleep.  Anyway, on to my accomplishments for today.  I ran/walked on the treadmill this morning.  You can read about that here if you are really that bored.  Then we made an amazing lunch with the leftover prime rib.  We sliced it thin and served it on hoagies with cooked onions and pepper jack cheese...oooooh so very yummy!  Let's see, then I started working on filling out the FAFSA for Brooke's financial aid for college.  Man, this getting ready for college thing is so overwhelming and confusing.  Then I spent way too much time on the internet looking up information on cloth diapers.  Okay, that was really not something I needed to do, ha.  Oh, but before that I did go through all of Levi's clothes and took out the too small ones and cleaned out his drawers and closet so I could move everything in with the little girls.  We put him in his crib in there now.  Then at about 4:00 Em, Grace, and I started in on organizing the little ones' room.  It was a huge project to go through their closet and drawers.  We ended up ordering pizza because I was so busy working in there and I don't like stopping until I'm finished.  It actually took us until almost 10:00 tonight and we are not even all the way done yet!  But it looks great in there.  We had to be creative but we managed to make things work.  All we have left for tomorrow is to clean out Sophia's drawers, clean under the bed, vacuum, and dust.  It will be nice to have this all done and at least have one room in the house that looks great!  So I got two things crossed off of my to-do list.  I hope tomorrow I can get more done!

Hope you had a great day full of accomplishments, too!

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