Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back To School

We started school again today.  Well actually, Brooke had already started on Monday, and Emily and Grace started today.  I'm still trying to catch up on some other things so Sophia and Allison will be starting on Monday.  The great thing about the older girls is that they don't really need me much when doing their school.  I help out when they have a question, but they are pretty independent as long as I have their assignments written out.  Tomorrow I am going to check into getting Emily enrolled in the second semester of English at the North Dakota Center for Distance Education.  That is the online school that Brooke is using this year for her English and History.  It is more money than I would like to pay, but it takes a huge load off of me and they end up with a diploma.  Not that a diploma is necessary, but I guess I just like that I don't have to do all the transcripts and such myself.  Anyway, I'm thinking now is a good time for Emily to try out this online school herself.  That way Brooke can help her learn how to work the online program while she is still home.  We also can see how Emily does with the program before we go investing a lot of money into it next year.  So hopefully they will accept her for second semester with no transcripts!

Here are some pictures that Sophia took today.  I now call her the "Baby Photographer".  She thought she should be the "Baby Whisperer"  Ha Ha!


  1. I love that you are blogging again. It's so fun to see all your pictures!