Thursday, January 17, 2013

Levi and Matthias - 7 months

Levi's best friend Matthias came over this afternoon for a visit.  They will both be 7 months tomorrow so of course we had to take a ton of pictures of them.  They are so close to each other in size, but they have both changed so much and look nothing alike!  They also have completely opposite personalities.  Levi is super laid back and Matthias is a real go-getter! 

Emily and Grace said in this picture Matthias must be giving Levi a wet-willie!

I love this picture where they are both actually looking at the camera.

This picture is a perfect example of their differing personalities!  Levi is just sitting hanging out and Matthias is about to scoot off the couch!

Matthias eating his cute!

Here they were both turned looking at the t.v.

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