Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I really have nothing to say tonight.  But I feel like I need to blog or I will mess up my blog a day goal.  Sooo....

Josh is back to work tomorrow.
Emily and Grace start school tomorrow.
Sophia and Allison will wait until Monday to start.
Looks like a possible winter storm coming so I need to hit the grocery store tomorrow.
Hoping the weather holds out so I can get my van in to town tomorrow for a service Friday morning.
I have an awesome BFF who can set my mind straight sometimes when I am being an obsessive perfectionist...need that sometimes.
Thinking of certain loved ones heading to the Dr. tomorrow and looking forward to some awesome news.
Levi is fussy lately.  Decided today that I feel bad already for his future wife.  He is a needy, spoiled little man...ha, but aren't they all?  Oops did I say that?

Well, better needy little man needs his blankie and apparently I am the only one who can find it!

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