Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Christmas

I don't feel like typing much tonight.  I've been getting a lot done, but it seems like it is never enough.  Starting to hit a point of panic about starting school on Monday.  I'm just hoping Josh can entertain the little kids on Sunday afternoon so I can focus on getting ready for Monday morning.  So anyway, I was looking through pictures and thought I would post some pics from our Christmas when Josh got home from work.  He was gone at work for the actual holiday so we celebrated when he got home.

So I bought the sweatshirts a little big...that is the look this is big.

Her exact words, "I do NOT like this."

I have no idea what this is about...

Sophia is tough with a dart gun.

More sibling rivalry!

More Sophia thinking she is very cool.

Levi with his new ring stacker.

Gunslinger, rocker...Sophia can do it all!

Levi under the tree just relaxin'.

I just realized this must be from a different night because the jammies are different!

Grace and Levi.

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