Sunday, January 20, 2013


I feel like I am constantly trying to get organized.  But somehow there never seems to be enough time to really get things all figured out.  I did manage to get a daily schedule typed up today though.  I hope if nothing else, that it will give us a basic plan to go by.  Nothing ever really seems to follow a schedule, but it is still nice to have.  Then when I have those blank, lost moments I can just look at the schedule and see what I should be doing or what someone else should be doing.

It sure looks like we have a lot of free time, but I know that will be filled up.  It's a good start though.  And although it appears I get to sleep for 11 hours a night, that is not my reality.  Many nights I am up until midnight or later with Levi and I am also up 2-3 times a night feeding him.  So I do try to sleep in until 9:00 if it works out.  Then I don't really need a nap in the afternoon.

Next on my list of big organizing jobs is to get our chore system reorganized.  Sophia and Allison are getting older and needing to take on more responsibility.  So I need to spend some time figuring out how to divide up the chores.  I really want to get out my P.E.G.S. system and get their chores on the tags that they turn over when they are done.  Sophia really needs this right now because she is capable of doing her chores on her own, but needs to be reminded some times of what all needs to be done.  Hopefully soon I will have time to get all of this done!

As far as school goes, I signed both Emily and Grace up for second semester English through the North Dakota Center for Distance Education.  This is the school that Brooke is taking her English and History classes from this year.  I am so relieved to have this load taken off of me!  I have just been feeling overwhelmed and like I wasn't doing a good enough job teaching them how to write.  So I am very excited to have the burden lifted from me and to see how they like this program.  I have been very impressed with the school for Brooke.  My main reason for signing Emily up though was to see if the school is a good fit for her for next year when she starts high school.  I have no desire to teach high school while trying to keep up with the younger kids' school.  At the last minute I decided to sign Grace up just to see how it would go for her.  If this semester goes well, I am hoping to at least have her signed up for English next year.  I will say that I don't like the cost.  It is very expensive compared to homeschooling them myself.  However, I would say it is probably comparable or even less than private school.  The cost will play a role in how many classes Grace can take next year.  Emily will be the first priority.

On another note, the one class that I don't need to sign them up for online is math.  I started using Teaching Textbooks for math last year.  I absolutely LOVE this program.  It really does teach them without any help from me.  This year Brooke is taking Pre-Calculus using this program.  It is not necessarily easy for her, but she is doing it without a teacher or any help from me.  She told me at the beginning of the year that in the first few lessons she finally learned concepts that her teacher at the public school couldn't get her to learn in the two years she was there!  Now that is an impressive program.  I'm not saying it is perfect, but it is the best program we have used so far.

Well, that is some of what is going on at our house right now.  Oh, but I do have to share what we had for snack this afternoon!  One of my good friends gave me her recipe for Monster Bars.  No kidding.  They are just like monster cookies only you make them into bars.  You just mix them up and put them in a pan and bake.  No more spending all afternoon baking endless pans of monster cookies!  Yum!!

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