Thursday, March 14, 2013

Levi Frustrated

 Here is another video of Levi.


  1. Haha!!! He is about the most laid-back frustrated guy I've ever seen! :) Our little guy has started to sort of make that noise, but it is a lot louder. It contains about the same amount of drool, though. What a fun, cute little guy you have!

  2. He takes after his dad more and more every day!

  3. Thanks Maria, you're little guy is so very cute, too! Levi is unbelievably laid back in every way. Although when daddy finished up the ice cream they were sharing the other night, he just couldn't handle it and cried and cried! It was so sad!

    Jeremy, oh boy if only you knew how much he is taking after his daddy...what was I thinking...another Josh?! :)