Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sophia's 8th Birthday

I think this picture is so sweet!

One of her gifts was a horse set that she gets to paint herself.  She also got a bird feeder that she already painted and is waiting to put up outside.

One thing she requested was more legos.  The little girls have been playing with them non-stop since Sophia's birthday.

Levi was being absolutely hilarious for the camera!

I didn't make the older girls get in the pictures for Lydia's birthday.  I got some comments on that one so this time I made them get in the picture.  Although I think I may have told them I wouldn't put the picture up on my blog...oops...

Sophia requested brownies for her birthday.  I was going to do homemade brownies with frosting, but when grocery shopping she chose a box mix.  Works for me!!

I think it it is hilarious that it looks like Allison is going to blow out the candles for Sophia!  She actually didn't but she sure did want to!


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