Thursday, December 5, 2013

Emily's 15th Birthday

November 30th was Emily's 15th Birthday!  It was such an extra special birthday because I planned a big surprise for her!  I called up her best friend's mom the day before and we made plans to surprise Emily by having Ramey come over for the day.  The girls hadn't seen each other in months!  It was so exciting and so very unlike me to plan something like this.  So in the morning I told Emily she could drive me in to town to get some milk at the gas station.  When we walked out of the gas station, her friend Ramey and her parents pulled up.  The look on Emily's face was priceless!  She was so excited...I am pretty sure there were tears in her eyes!  So we brought Ramey home for the afternoon and they had a great time.  We had cake about mid-afternoon and went to town for pizza for supper.  After that her friend had to go home but it sure was nice having her over.  We came home and opened presents.  All in all I would say it was probably the best birthday she has had yet! 

One of her gifts, a shirt that Brooke picked out for her with a scarf to match.

Grace, Sophia, Emily, Lydia, Ramey, and Allison.

Lydia modeling some of Emily's new gifts.

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