Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Bad Word

For school today, Sophia had to write a sentence using the word scornfully.  I know this sounds easy, but it kind of wasn't easy.  We discussed it quite a bit and after a little bit we came up with being scared of a spider and talking scornfully about, in my words, hating the spider.  So she goes to write her sentence and she is reading it out loud to me while writing.  She says "She saw the spider and said scornfully, "I bad word spiders!"  I was like "what???"  And she repeated what she said.  I asked her "bad word?"  And then it hit me that I had said "hate spiders."  In our house we don't use the word hate.  It's just such a strong word and so generally with the littler kids I don't allow them to use it.  But I used it and didn't even notice until she starting using "bad word" instead of hate.  Well, what can I say?  Lesson learned!

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