Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homeschool Phy-Ed

Today I took the kids to Phy-Ed with our HOPE homeschool group.  We meet about once a week for an hour long PE.  When we started PE, some of the moms would do activities with the kids and it was really great.  They did such a great job and some of us moms got some extra time to visit.  As time has gone on, we noticed that the kids really enjoyed just having free time to play like crazy!  So it was decided that as long as everyone was playing nice and it was going well, that we would just let them enjoy the free time.  If issues of fighting or boredom come up, we plan to take over and do an activity with them.  But so far it has been a great experience for both the kids and the moms.  The kids have actually been learning a lot through this free play time.  You might be surprised how much they are learning;  I think we were surprised when we discussed it today.  Things such as taking turns on the toys, older children helping out the younger children, younger children learning from the older children, compromise, patience, being aware of those around them so as not to hurt anyone, and these are just a few that I remember.  The bonus?  The moms get just a little bit of time for some visiting!  I am so thankful for this new group of awesome ladies and their awesome families!





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