Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of High School 2015-2016

Emily and Grace started school again today.  Back to public high school for both of them.  This is their second year of public school.  They have a love/hate relationship with it!
Emily is a junior this year.  She is working at a little food shack that is run by a couple from our church.  She works three nights during the week and one day of the weekend.  She is very busy and we hardly ever see her. I miss that girl!

Grace is a sophomore this year.  She is working one day of the weekend at the food shack.  She and a friend are football managers this year.  It is a very exciting year at their school because they just got high school football and volleyball back this year!  This extra activity keeps her at school until six everyday and at a game most Saturdays.  I'm glad she enjoys it but I sure miss her, too! 

Emily and Grace have a really special relationship since they are so close in age - only 17 months apart.  They've been best friends and worst enemies since the beginning!  I really enjoy watching them grow up together and seeing their friendship evolve.  One day they are best friends, sitting in their room laughing about their day.  The next they are arguing about their messy room or some other issue.  But in the end they have such a strong bond and feeling of obligation towards each other.  I love them both so much and am so blessed by them.  They are so different from each other and both give so much joy to our family!

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