Thursday, September 17, 2015

Arthur - Eight Months

Ah my sweet little Arthur.  Looking back now I realize I could have been a good mom and put a blanket down for him and he probably would have been much happier for his pictures!  At least Dolly could cheer him up momentarily!  Arthur just loves Dolly and Dolly, as always, is so good with babies.  They can pull his hair or climb on him and pinch him and she doesn't mind a bit.  Best.Dog.Ever.

At eight months Arthur has four teeth.  He was sleeping through the night, but now gets up at least once for a bottle.  He is crawling, mostly on all fours.  It's so funny to watch him and see how fast he can move when he really wants something.  Sophia is his favorite right now and often times he will choose her over me!  He hates baby food but will eat a little bit of it.  He gags on most other things, like crackers.  He is just a little love bug!!  

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