Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lydia - Grade One

Lydia is in first grade this year.  She mostly likes to be inside playing with her doll house toys.  She builds these great big houses for her dolls to live in.

Here is a listing of her curriculum this year:

Language Arts:

Spelling Workout A
Explode The Code
A Reason For Handwriting A
Writing Strands Level 1
Bob Books


Math Mammoth
Fred - Apples


A Child's History of The World


Apologia Astronomy

Lydia also uses our list of electives if she finishes school early or is waiting for help.  Having this list of electives has been a real lifesaver for me.  I am so thankful for other homeschool moms who share their wisdom!  Lydia has a love/hate relationship with school.  It mostly depends on her mood and if she has had enough sleep!  I had to revamp her math and language arts about three weeks in, too.  But we are working through things so much easier now.  

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