Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Grocery Shopping...Ugh

Grocery shopping is a serious issue for me.  I just don't get what my problem is sometimes.  You would think that after almost 22 years of married life and doing all of the grocery shopping and cooking that I would have this down to perfection.  But no, I'm not even close.  Here I sit once again needing to go to the store.  Instead I am analyzing my issues and blogging about it!!  How is that for procrastination.  I've needed to go to the store all week. Or maybe more like for a couple of weeks now.  But I get hung up.  First of all I need to make an exact menu and grocery list.  That right there stops me.  I don't like thinking about it that much and I don't always feel like doing it.  I know I should just schedule it into my week and make it a habit.  But I'm finding that nothing in my life goes according to a schedule.  So should I go without a list and just buy a whole bunch of food??  Maybe.  But it never fails that when I get home I am still always missing this or that item needed to make a certain meal.  My second issue, which I just figured out today, is that it makes me sick to go grocery shopping.  It always has since the beginning of our marriage.  Money was so tight and I had to be so careful.  No matter how careful I was though, I could never seem to stay within our budget.  For a while there Josh had a great paying job and all of the sudden I didn't really have to worry so much about the cost of our groceries.  Now that was nice!  But you know it took me a really long time to get over the anxiety of grocery shopping.  It also took me a while to realize what it was that always made me feel sick at the checkout.  Once I realized that it was the fear of the cost of the groceries, I was able to learn to not feel like that all of the time because we could actually afford it!  But now here we sit back to square one.  Money is tight and groceries are more expensive than ever.  I hate grocery shopping again.  Massively.  But yet all the people in this house like to complain about how there is never anything to eat.  So today I am going to the store with no menu and a list of needed things.  I am planning to buy A LOT of food.  Everything I could possibly need to feed these crazy monsters that live here.  But here's the deal...I'm not going to look at or hear the total.  That's right, I'm going to ignore it!!  I'll deal with it when Josh goes to pay the credit card bill!!  🙈🙉