Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Book List

In my "younger days" I would buy a book, read it, and then move on to the next one.  Somewhere along the line I got tired of reading books.  I had read so many homeschooling books and parenting books that I simply got tired of it.  I quit reading for a quite a long time.  If I tried I would get a chapter or two in and I got bored and quit.  I've recently been inspired to read more and learn more once again.  My Thomas Jefferson Education books are probably to blame for that!!  Now I have a new problem!  I have so many books I want to read that I can't finish a single one because I move on to a different one!  So today I piled my current books up and oh my...I have ten books I'm working on!!  Yikes!  I wonder if I will ever finish a single one of them?!  I do have to say though, right now I am focusing on only three of them.  The "Stop Self-Sabotage" I am reading for work.  I am also doing some training for work with phone calls with the author so this one is high priority and will get finished.  But I am sure it is one I will be reading over and over again.  It's been so great not only for my work life, but for my personal life.  It's definitely making me face up to a lot of my personal issues.  So good for me.  The second book I am working through is Volume One of the Thomas Jefferson Edcuation book.  Josh and I are both reading this at the same time.  Trying to do a chapter at a time and discussing it.  This is an educational theory that we are so excited about implementing in our household.  I believe it will be life changing for us as a family.  Very excited about that!  The third book I am focusing on right now is "Simplicity Parenting".  I read about it in an article online and shortly after that a friend posted that she had read it and enjoyed it.  I just received it and started reading it a few days ago.  I'm very excited about simplifying many things in my life.  Especially for my kids.  I want to create a calm, safe, and loving environment for them where they can enjoy being kids and learn naturally and not be stressed.  I also want the low-stress part for myself.  The rest of the books are kind of on the back burner for right now.  I delve into a chapter here and there, but I am mostly focusing on the three I mentioned.  I am not sure why my reading habits have changed so drastically.  But I guess it's ok?  How about you?  What's on your nightstand right now?  Do you read all the way through a book and then start another one?  Or are you like me and you have a whole pile of them just waiting to be devoured??  

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